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We are please to announce ACKShops, an innovative online platform that encourages our community to shop local.  ACKShops allows you to expand reach beyond your retail store, your website or your e-commerce site whether you have one or not!   ACKShops will provide “warm leads” - ready to buy/commit customers - to you without you having to do anything other than check your email or text messages and respond. 


This service is free and is being provided to help residents and visitors support Nantucket not only during this pandemic disruption but to encourage supporting local year round.   


ACKShops is also partnering with N Magazine’s Nantucket Strong initiative to help get the word out to our Nantucket summer resident/visitor community.   Nantucket Strong and ACKShops are providing a simple way for you to be part of TEAM NANTUCKET STRONG in support of local non-profits while hopefully helping your profits!    




"ACKShops is an interesting mix of the in-store shopping experience and e-commerce, allowing us to not only help close the online sale but potentially up-sell additional products.  It is super easy to use."  

        Abby, For Now - Marketing Manager


"I like that ACKSHOPS facilitates finding new clients for us who have the specific type of floral needs our services provide. With their efforts on the back end, it affords me the opportunity to focus on my designs and doing more of what I love.". 

        Hafsa, Hafsa & Co (floral) - Owner  

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