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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACKShops?    

ACKShops is meant as a compliment to your in person and online shopping experience and encourage you to support your local businesses.   You are able to find the products and services you are looking for from anywhere at any time!  It also allows you to discover the small businesses and special artisans that don't have full e-commerce sites.    Many smaller businesses also do not have up to date inventory on their e-commerce site so its a great way to discover new and interesting things!  

Is it safe to go in our local shops?    

During this difficult time for all of us, it is hard for shop owners to manage the ever-changing safety requirements as customers have various levels of compliance.   ACKShops is simply an alternative way to patronize your favorites places.  Many like the physical safety, anonymous inquiry, and unrestricted hours of shopping online AND they do want to support their local businesses and find what they are looking for now!   

How is this helping the environment? 

Reducing packaging and environmental impact of shipping is an ever-growing concern and a small way to help the environment!   

How does it work?  

You can enter the details of your request and then select which categories you want to "shop" and your request will be routed to each of the businesses we have for that category.   You will receive email responses from any business that fulfills your request.  You can "leave" a store anytime and they won't bother you again for that request.  You can continue an easy to follow dialogue with as many stores as you would like until you narrow in on something you'd like.   Some businesses will send you to their website and some will share specific links or photos/info.   It is not always immediate but it is leisurely!   Once you decide on a purchase, you can indicate that and all other businesses will be automatically notified that you no longer need their help.   You can then purchase from the store via their site, by calling them or arranging payment in a safe online way at your discretion.  Many businesses will deliver or offer curbside pickup.  Again, your identity is kept totally anonymous during this time to keep your privacy and you can cancel the request at anytime which stops all responses. 

I am not getting an immediate response to my request?   

We ask that you are patient with our local businesses - often they are the only ones working and so they may need a lull to be able to answer.  However, you can keep your request open longer and increase the chance of a response!    Think of it as a new way to shop that is less instant gratification and more about discovering something you might not have found otherwise.  We are all used to the Amazon convenience but there are other costs to that type of shopping as we have previously noted.   Also, just like Amazon, you can make a request any time of day and from anywhere - and wearing whatever you like! 

What does this cost me?   

Nothing!  ACKShops is being offered as a free service to help you support our local businesses during this difficult time


Surely you want something?   

Well, we would love you to actively participate and then give us feedback!   How can we improve the offering?  

Are all businesses on ACKShops?    

For our initial launch, we are focused on retailers/retail products and those service providers who will be greatly impacted.  We will soon allow people to look for other services like painters, where they can fill their propane tanks, find a band and more!   We do have all businesses listed on our FIND A BUSINESS page.  We also hope you discover some of the special artisans and artists that Nantucket has to offer - they could use your support the most!  Let us know if we are missing a business that you love.  

Who is Team ACKShops that responded to one of my request and gave me referrals?   

This is our community referral service that we have in place while our businesses get up to speed on using ACKShops.  Team ACKShops will attempt to direct you in a helpful manner if the businesses you are seeking are not responding in a timely manner.  As one of our customers stated, it's like having a concierge at your finger tips!  

Is this meant to replace Amazon or shopping in person?   

No, it is meant to merely provide a new way for people to find products or services they are looking for and to support LOCAL businesses.  If they find it useful, hopefully people will shop in Nantucket year-round and even when they aren't on the island.  

I don't check my email that regularly. 

It is helpful if you can check your email to respond but there is not time limit and most businesses will be happy to hear from you at your convenience. 

What if I have an email signature? 

You will be able to delete that on your correspondence but if you don't it will show up to the store like it would on a regular email.   That is ok and you can ask the store not to add you to their mailing list if you aren't interested and they should comply.

What about delivery? 

Many businesses are offering delivery and that is great!  We also have some local service providers willing to do delivery (and we expect more to come online) so please utilize them if you would like! 

Do I need to login to something to make this work? 

Nope, its all done via email and text (coming soon!) 

What businesses are eligible to be on ACKSHOPS? 

For shops/retail, anyone who has a physical location is eligible. We have online only shops and local artisans,  and we ask that they are a member of the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce or a resident of the island. 

For services providers, anyone that is based on Nantucket is eligible and we will endeavor to incorporate any key providers who regularly travel to support the island. 

How come I am getting requests and I didn't sign up? 

If we found an email on your website, we assumed that you'd like to hear from interested customers.   We are happy to deactivate you at any time as is indicated on each request. 

What if I don't want to participate? 

We can deactivate your business at any time - just let us know. 

More questions?          

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