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Due to the pandemic, our local businesses are facing a loss of revenues during prime season and beyond.   While physical locations may remain closed or have restricted access, many are still available to support your shopping/service needs!    Through an easy and anonymous email interface, enjoy shopping at your favorite Nantucket shops and finding excellent service providers.   You can pick up, ship or even have your goods delivered locally in many cases. This saves on shipping and packaging and helps our environment.   

Thank you for your patience as we onboard businesses and correct any issues.  Please help us get the word out to your favorite local businesses and service providers! 


ACKSHOPS is a collaborative effort by Aprium, Nantucket Strong and N Magazine, and the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce as a helpful service to our community.  Thank you also to Remain Nantucket for their guidance and advisory assistance! 

This site is being provided without any fees to either customers or businesses while our business community recovers from the effects of the pandemic.  

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